Sign up for both the Three-Point and Hot Shot Contest take place on Tuesday, August 20th at the registration table at West Richmond Community Centre’s outdoor basketball courts. Registration is open for anyone playing in the tournament, is free and it is on the first come basis. There are 10 spots for each contest.


Each shooter will have 60 seconds to shoot 3 balls from five positions around the 3-point line. The top of the key, each wing, and in each corner. The shooter may begin at either corner of the court. The shooting spots along the 3-point arc will be marked with poly spots. The shooter will stand behind the yellow poly spot when shooting.

  1. The clock will start on the shooter’s first release.

  2. The first two balls on each rack are worth one point, and the third ball on each rack is worth two points (the money ball). A shooter must have both feet behind the 3-point line when they releases the ball.

  3. A shooter’s total score is determined by adding the total points they receive for all made baskets from behind the 3-point line.

  4. Tie-Breaker - When determining the champion, the following tie-breaking procedure will be followed: The first tiebreaker will be the number of money balls each shooter hit in their round. If a tie still exists, the second tiebreaker will be the number of baskets made from the last rack. If a tie still exists, proceed backward through the number of racks until the tie is broken.


  1. Each two-person team will have one minute to score as many points as possible. Points are scored by making shots from the designated positions on the court.

  2. Teammates will alternate shots. Player one will shoot, get their own rebound, and pass to Player two who has taken position at a different point-value location.

  3. If a team makes a shot from each spot on the court, it will be given 25 bonus points.

  4. Teams may only count two lay-ups towards their final scores.

  5. Teams may start at any of the designated positions on the court.

  6. Below is a diagram of the court and the point values of each position.

  7. Participants can compete for their team(s) more than once.

Court Diagram.png