Q: How long will my child be playing basketball for?  (League Question)? 

A: Participants will be divided into balanced teams during the first week of the season. From there, players will be assigned a one-hour slot between the hours of 4:15 and 8:15 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday (Grades 4-7), Tuesday and Thursday (Grades 8-12).  

Q: How much is the cost for the league?

A: $112.50 for the entire summer. Elementary School Participants receive a Summer Slam t-shirt and instruction once a week as well as an official game. High School Participants instead will have two games a week rather than a day of instruction.

Q: When will I know what team my son/daughter is playing on (League Question)?

A: Team Forming will take place at West Richmond Community Center. Course barcodes will be set up for parents and players to register with participants to be contacted by Summer Slam and West Richmond Community Center staff when the dates and times are finalized. You only need to sign up for ONE of the two team forming times. After team forming week is complete, teams will be posted to the Summer Slam website. The schedule, teams as well as other important information will be updated in a timely manner throughout the summer.

Q: My child is in Elementary School, when would they play? (League Question)

A: Gr. 4-7 programs will run on Monday and Wednesday nights for an hour session between 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Practices on Monday nights. Games on Wednesday nights. Practice times will be fixed from week-to-week, whereas games times will vary. A full schedule for the summer will be released at the beginning of the season to mitigate conflict for parents and players.

Q: My child is in High School, when would they play? (League Question)

A: Gr. 8-12 programs will run on Tuesday and Thursday nights for an hour session between 4:15- 9:00 pm. Gr. 10-12 leagues are game-based with staff supervision - prior basketball experience is strongly suggested. Gr. 8-9 leagues practices on Tuesday nights. Games on Thursday nights.

Q: Can my child be placed on the same team as his/her friend (League Question)?

A: Yes, all players will be allotted one friend request on Team Forming night, but they are not guaranteed to play on the same team as their friends, as family and car-pooling requests are prioritized.  Summer Slam staff reserve the right to have the final say when it comes to team selection.  

Q: Where will my child be playing? (League and Camp Question)

A: Summer Slam Basketball League is scheduled to play at two sites. Both the co-ed and the girls-only division are planned for Hugh Boyd Secondary School and West Richmond Community Center (9180 No. 1 Road). 

Q: When does 3 x 3 week take place? (League Question)

A: This year we have decided to forgo 3 x 3 week and instead focus on play. Instead of 3 x 3 week, we will be hosting a 3 x 3 Summer Slam tournament at the conclusion of league and camps that the children can sign up for with their friends.

Q: What if I think my child can be in a high skill group for camps? (Camp Question)

A: Please refer clients to skill camps for players who are less or more experienced, or contact Alisha at ( for clarification

Q: Does my child have to bring his shirt every day? (League Question)

A: For elementary school players, you need only wear your t shirt on game days. For high school participants, you must wear your t shirt at every game as it serves as your jersey.

Q: My child wants to learn a certain skill but the camp for that has already passed, what can I do? (Camp Question)

A: Even though a camp may be called “shooting camp” or “ball handling camp”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that will be all they do the whole day. The central focus will be the skill for that week, but our elite coaching staff knows that part of basketball is incorporating everything, so the other skills will also be touched upon.

Q: Why does the high school division have no coaches? (League Question)

A: Summer Slam has always been about having fun with your friends during the summer in an environment that is different from the constricts of playing high school or club basketball. Being able to play without a coach, learning how to develop your own basketball IQ as well as life skills without someone telling you constantly what to do is a big part of the game and becoming a better player.

Q: How do I check my kids’ schedule? (League Question)

A: The schedule will be posted on the website, with tabs indicating which days you want to look at.

Q: Is there anyway myself (a parent) or my child can sign up to coach or score keep?

A: Yes! We are always looking for volunteer coaches or score keepers and building that community is what Summer Slam is all about. Find Alisha Roberts at the front desk, or email her at to find out more.

Q: How do Playoffs work? (League Question)

A: The last week is reserved for playoffs, and the schedule is not posted until the weekend before, after all the teams have played their games and the standings have been calculated. The finals for every competitive division if your team happens to make it that far will be on the Friday of that week (Finals Friday).

Q: My child wants to develop his/her skills in a more one on one environment, and the camps just don’t do that for the level that they are at, is there any way this can be addressed?

A: Yes! We are looking into promoting our very own individual skills training sessions which would take place on Fridays.